Using Virtual Charlotte

Virtual Charlotte is the common GeoSpatial View of City Services and Operations. You can view live data from multiple city business systems on a map, including Emerald/311 Requets, Hansen Street Maintenance Requets, GeoCLEAR (traffic accidents, road closure permits etc), as well as many GIS data layers from City's Enterprise GIS Spatial Data Warehouse (SDW). Virtual Charlotte is developed using Google Maps API and the user interface is closely modeled from Google's consumer oriented mapping site.


The following diagram describes some of the features available in Virtual Charlotte.

  1. Serach Results - The results of from the search action will be displayed on left panel. This link is used to switch between "results" and "more content"
  2. More Conents - Use this to view additonal map data from database.
  3. Search - Use this box to locate an address, parcel or intersection.
  4. Collapse panel - Click this to hide or show the left panel.
  5. Search Options - Click this for additonal search option, to restrict what kind of search to perform.
  6. Map Views - these to display different views, including aerial images and street level imagery.
  7. Content List - This is a list of data layers that can be turned on/off .
  8. Navigation controls - Use this to navigate.
  9. Info window - This window displays additional information when you click a marker, any object on map, or search result.
  10. More Info - Click to expand the information window for additional information

Navigating in Virtual Charlotte

You can navigate (move your view) in two dimensions in Virtual Charlotte. It has all the standard features available on, with additional advanced tool such as drag box zoo. To pan (move the map), do one of the following:

Additionally, you can zoom in or out pressing the + or - keys. Move the cursor over a location and use the mouse scroll button to zoom in or out on that location.

 Navigation controls include:

  1. Arrows - Click the appropriate arrow buttons to move the view north, south, east or west.
  2. Full View - Click to view whole city.
  3. Zoom in - Click + to zoom in on the center of the map
  4. Zoom out - Click - to zoom out on the center of the map
  5. Zoom slider - Drag the zoom slider up or down to zoom in or out incrementally.

If you need to zoom in a particular area, you can hold your shift key on your keyboard and then use your mouse to drag a small box to define the area, when you release your mouse, the map will zoom to the area. If you release shift key, the action will be cancelled.


Find Address, Parcel or Intersection

To find an address, parcel, or intersection, type in the input value in the search box and hit enter key or click "Go".


Enter the address in Mecklengburg County, hit enter. In a common scenario, the system will find the exact match in the Master Address Table. A list of possible matches are displayed at left panel. More information will be displayed as an info window.

The locator has a number of advanced features:



To find an intersection, type in two street names separated by "&", "|", or "@".  e..g. MATHESON @ N TRYON


To find a parcel, type in the parcel number; e..g. 12502601. If the parcel is a condo parcel, all match tax parcel will be displayed as in the following diagram.

Click Map for Information

When viewing map, click on the feature you are looking for, an info window will display information about that feature. If you turn on additional layer from left panel, the feature from those visible layer will be selected.

Get Emerald Information

Emerald data can be access via one the following ways:

Send Location Information to Emerald

If the system is launched from Emerald, it will zoom to the address associated with the active requests. You can click the correct address or intersection, then click on the "send location" link.

You can send address or intersection back. Before send, add comments, make final change to the values if necessary.

Address: Intersection:

Get Hansen Information

Hansen data can be access when the selection is one of the following datasets that contains a CompKey: Intersections, Street Segments, Signalized Intersections etc. The system also contains a data layer "Hansen SMD Requests" that directly lik back to Hansen system to display open Street Maintenance Requests.

When the info window is expanded, an "Hansen" will be available if the selection contains Hansen context. It contains detailed information about a particular request and a history of services performed on the asset.

Get Geographic Area Information about a Location

It is a common request to get geograpgic region information (Solid Waste Pick up zone etc) for a location such as an address. When the selection is an address or parcel, the expanded window contains a tab named "Districts". In side the tab there are multiple sub links that is used to organize districts into various categories, e.g. "Common" for most requently asked, "Transportation" for transportation related region etc.

Get Street Level Images

The system is integrated with Google Street View, which provides a street level, interactive images for most locations in the city. When an info window is openned, click Expand info balloon button or "more info" link to expand it. Street View Information is available in a tab named "StreetView". Using the upper left corner control to rotate and move around, using the arrows to move on the ground.

Get Property Information

The system contains information from County's assessor database. To find the property information (assess value, ownership etc), either by searching address, parcel id, or click on a parcel or address on the map. An info window will display the basic information about the address or parcel. Click on the Expand info balloon button or "more info" link to expand it. Property Information is available in a tab named "Property". Note there are two external links that opens to County's web site.